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Everything we do is for the customer

Terry Anderson - Technical Director
Terry A - Technical Director
See Terry Anderson's LinkedIn ProfileTerry is the founder of Video Interactive and a former International business director.

He reinforces the marketing, sales, commercial and technical attributes of all our video productions. His role as TD is also to bring the commercial aspects of the production process together with the disciplines of planning, artistic creativity, filming and postproduction ensuring that our films deliver exactly what is needed to meet clients' objectives.
Susie - Presenter, Interviewer & voiceover artist

LinkedIn ProfilePaul joined the team in 2013 after previously having a small video and web design company of his own.

He trained at Newport Film School and is now one of the key camera crew on our many, multi-cam shoots. His other passion is designing, making and selling bespoke furniture but you won't find any of us sitting down on the job.

Paul - Production crew camera and sound
 Terry T

See Terry Turnbull's LinkedIn Profile Terry T (yes, there are two Terry's) is a trained presenter, actor and interviewer. He is also a professional media presenting coach with experience of training in TV and entertainments.

This Terry can give one-to-one coaching to clients when we are filming corporate interviews to ensure they exude credibility and professionalism.
Terry T - Media Presenter Coach, Interviewer

LinkedIn ProfileFormerly with the Chamber of Commerce, Michelle has a business and also acting background.

She presented her first corporate video production with us in 2011 leading on to various acting and voiceover roles in our adverts. Eventually she joined the team proper in 2013.
 Michelle - Presenter, Interviewer & voiceover artist
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